Friday, April 11, 2014

I did it!

who knew ...
I built this thing.
With its imperfections and all as you can see from the pics.
I only made two wee "design" mistakes (easily corrected) and only hit my thumb with the hammer once.

Now I just gotta get some brackets of various sorts and sizes, screw those in, fix that one little piece of wood missing at the far end and bob's y'r uncle!

I planned it out to be 8' X 31"H X 22" W - but it just looks ... big.  So I guess the tomatoes will be very happy this summer.

So the plan is to finish up those few things by next weekend, add some dirt, a little compost, mix, stir, wait two more weeks and get those peppers and tomatoes transplanted outside in early May.

In other news, today I saw the first few filigree of leaves for the lettuce, swiss chard, and spinach I planted outside two weeks ago.  That took a long time but then again, it's been cold!

In any case ... enjoy the pics and the music!  (not sure if I like this one yet) - new David Gray


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  1. What a gorgeous planter! Nicely done!