Friday, May 2, 2014

takin' the good w/the bad ... (or not so good)

Everything seems like it's stuck on "slow", stuck in netural.  Not sure what's going on.  All the "cool weather" crops seem to be struggling while the warm weather plantings seem to be bolting straight through to summer!

The radishes (leaves) still seem so small and undeveloped;  half the lettuce and spinach is barely sprouting while the handful of seedlings I started indoors have now finally started to really "grow".   Where are all the swiss chard sprouts?  All the stuff that got planted or moved outside is what is struggling even though we have definitely seen a slight moderation (ie warming) of temps (despite the monsoon we had a day or two ago).  It all seems to be a struggle this year ... not sure why.  Hopefully over the course of the next week, with a continued (though slight) warming,  these babies will really start bloomin'!

I started hardening off the tomatoes, eggplants, and peppers today as well.  I'll do that for a few days and hopefully get them all planted outside by mid/late next week.  I also had a mini harvest today - just some kale and mesclun.  Pickin's seemed slim, but it's a start and it's probably the earliest I've ever harvested anything!
Onward ...

And now the music bit:

'cause this show was really somethin' two days ago ... here are two vids from the Knife as well as the new vid from Semi Precious Weapons!

hardening off of eggplants, toms, peppers -1
hardening off of eggplants, toms, peppers -2

struggling mesclun

struggling kale

grow spinach, romaine, lettuce ... grow!

the wee early harvest - kale and mesclun