Friday, July 11, 2014

hello July

Have we arrived a the dog days of summer yet?  Maybe it feels like to some, but I'm not sure we're quite there yet.  Give it time.  In the interim ...

Maybe someone could tell me how I got one massive GRAPE tomato plant growing in the middle of my planter?  I didn't plant any grape tomato seeds, buy a seedling or anything of the sort.  Maybe there were a couple seeds in some mulch I used when I first sowed the seeds (but I don't remember using any mulch!)?   But somehow or another, I've got one ginormous, bushy grape tomato plant just dripping under the weight of a lot of tomatoes.  Maybe some mysteries aren't supposed to be solved?  But as far as the rest of the tomatoes go ... things are right on time.  There should be a lot ready to be picked shortly.

I've just seen the first flower on one of the eggplants as well - always an encouraging sign!  And that basil ... wow.  Even though it had a bit of a slow start, it seems to be coming into its now right about now.  I've done two mini harvests with great success and if what I think I see is happening really comes to be, I'll be able to harvest a ton of basil in a week/ten days - fingers crossed.   Now about that    dill ... hmmmn ...

Until next time, enjoy the pix and check this song out:  John Grant

silver fir tomato plant with gobs
of flowers

grape tomatoes (!?)
lovely basil
eggplant flower

can't wait to pick these babies!

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